The following training programs are offered through the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry to facilitate the dissemination of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy to community agencies who serve adults with severe mental illness.

Training Requirements

CET training is appropriate for agencies, not individual practitioners.  Agencies interested in obtaining training should complete an application online. Training inquiries without a completed application will not be considered. Please refer to the training requirement guidelines below when considering whether or not CET is right for your agency.

  • Serves outpatients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
  • Employs master’s-level clinicians with 2+ years experience in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
  • Two (2) or more master’s-level clinicians are available for training at a single site; at least 2 master’s level clinicians are required to conduct the CET social-cognitive group sessions
  • A sizable (> 25/year) number of patients would be eligible for CET (stabilized on antipsychotic medication, not abusing alcohol or drugs, IQ > 80)
  • Setting provides private office space appropriate for group and individual therapy sessions

Training Support Portal

The training support portal is designed to be used with the CET Training Manual and provides brief, exemplar demonstration videos for every component of CET.  Interested in what a good attention training session should look like? Not sure how to develop patient recovery plans? Would you like to see how to conduct a social-cognitive group exercise before you need to do it in your own group? These videos help trainees who are reading the CET manual and interested in seeing the components of the treatment in action! At the training support portal, users will find:

  • Presentations on the CET approach and its methods
  • Video demonstrations on the application of CET components, including computer-based neurocognitive training and social-cognitive group sessions
  • Fidelity tools to check learning and application
  • Information on how to implement CET using this site and how to obtain the training manual by Hogarty and Greenwald (2006)

Visit for more information.

Start-Up Training

The start-up training provides a comprehensive overview of CET, its components, and how to begin a CET program over the course of a 2-day workshop provided onsite at your agency.  Content covered includes:

  • Background and rationale for CET
  • Using the CET manual
  • Selection of patients and coaches
  • Attention, memory, and problem-solving computer training
  • Social-cognitive group training
  • Implementation

Training and Supervision

This is the most extensive CET training program available that we offer and it is designed to provide agencies with hands-on guidance for a rigorous and high-fidelity implementation of CET by experienced CET therapists.  Training consists of onsite workshops, implementation site visits, and telephone supervision provided over the course of 24 months. Contact for more information.